Sunday Bugfest 6

Another week, another selection of buggy delights:

"Bee Basics- An Introduction to Our Native Bees"◊ The Pollinator Partnership has a mission to…” promote the health of pollinators, critical to food and ecosystems, through conservation, education, and research.”, and as part of their work they have produced a guide, Bee Basics- An Introduction to Our Native Bees. This is written by Beatriz Moisset, Ph.D and Stephen Buchmann, Ph.D, with excellent “Golden Guide” style illustrations by Steven Buchanan. You can buy a printed copy or just view the free pdf. Also available for educators to purchase or as a free download–brochures on pollinators. Want to help? Get involved!

◊ Learn more about the state of pollinators in The pollinator crisis: What’s best for bees.

◊ More on the making of bee art:  Valerie Littlewood at pencil and leaf has completed her series on how she appproached  painting snail shell nesting bees. The full list:

◊ Want to invest in bug art? Kelly Houle is an artist, calligrapher, naturalist, and educator who is working on an illuminated version of Charles Darwin’s The Origin of Species. She intends to illuminate over a hundred different beetles for the four 22×30-inch pages of the Table of Contents! See her amazing grand project at Kickstarter and visit her website and blog for more.


From the Strange but True department…

◊ Tang Dysnaty revival: China’s Burgeoning Fight Club…
◊ Things to do with a dead humming bird…
 More Zombifiers
◊ Spider in Amber has devoted hitchhiker
◊ Read how Strepsipterans lead to the discovery of new cricket species in Parasite lives ‘double life’.


Macro Technique
Cool. Alex Wild gives a lecture in How to take better insect photos: the video and shows how to photograph a wheel bug… in Me, pontificating on wheel bugs & InvertNet.

So, what is this InvertNet?


What is an iPad good for?

How about making simple science presentations like BuzzWords: the Movie.

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