Common Earwig

Here is an example of macro photographs using the equipment described in the previous article. A female European earwig, found in a bunch of  Chinese broccoli called gai lan. (Finding live insects in your vegetables is always a good sign: you know there hasn’t been a recent application of pesticide!) Still some glare on the  abdomen, but the 270EX II flash is strong enough that I could increase the diffusion more.

"Common or European earwig, Forficula auricularia"

(Image processed in Adobe Lightroom 3.6)

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  1. Ted C. MacRae 6 January, 2012 at 12:23 PM #

    I wonder if the light is getting funneled into the fold if diffusing material to produce the rather strong linear highlight. I think if you rigged a frame to present a larger surface perpendicular to the light direction if that would help.

    By the way, I really like the idea of attaching the flash to a lens hood – I never thought of that.

    • Adrian 6 January, 2012 at 1:12 PM #

      It could be the angle or the fold. Sto-fen has a diffuser for the 270EX, so that might help.

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