CoE #45 After-math

Well, I am awake early to sweep-up the debris.

After having a stupendous amount of visitors passing through my blog home in the last two days, visits are finally slowing down enough that I can take a breath, restock the fridge and quickly check under the tables and in the bathtub to see if any of my regular visitors were injured in the stampede.

It’s almost embarrassing to show the following graph…

So what happened?

The visits to my humble bug blog were in the range of 80 to 100 visits a day in the week before the Carnival. Here is a breakdown of the top 5 referrers in the first two days of  CoE #45:

Pharyngula 2083

Greg Laden’s Blog 121

Sandwalk  47

Panda’s Thumb  32

Oikos Journal 13

Other referrers (i.e those with less than 10 each) brought in 31 hits; while, most disappointing, the Discovery Institute directed 0 (zero, none) people to CoE #45.

From my perspective, this edition of CoE was succesful. Unfortunately, I have no way (as far as I know) to see how many people clicked on links within the Google Presentation, so if those who contributed could have a peek at their stats and let me know, it would be appreciated! After all, this edition of CoE can only be counted as successful if it benefited those whose posts were published.

Conclusion: in order to host a successful blog carnival, mention squid, wafers, or Pharyngula. I think the Discovery Destitute Institute could particularly benefit from this advice.

Thanks, to everyone (except Jerry Coyne, who is apparently unaware that CoE #45 presentation has a cat†), for participating, and thanks to Bjørn Østman for giving me the opportunity.

Cat and Ladybeetle

If you wish to submit to CoE #46, visit the Carnival of Evolution for guidelines.  You can submit your blog posts at Blog Carnival, or contact the next host at Synthetic Daisies.

See comments….

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