Macro Flash Solutions II

Continuing with my series on solutions for using flash with macro, I present: One flash big-efied…

In Macro Flash Solutions  I, I set up a very simple single, small flash macro outfit. It was presented as a simple or ultralight solution to providing macro flash on a lens, without the need for a flash bracket. However, this is not an optimum solution to obtain the highest quality photographs. For well-exposed insect photographs without distracting shadows and highlights, a larger light source (relative to subject size), well diffused and closer to the subject, is better.

I currently use a Sigma EF-530 flash (but a Canon 600EX, or if you use Nikon equipment, the Nikon SB-800 would be better) with a Lumiquest softbox. For additional diffusion, I have lined the face of the softbox with a paper towel and have added a hanging diffuser for extra diffusion near the light source. Mounted on a cobbled together flash-bracket (it needs to be sturdy for the large flash), this unit is my basic flash for macro photography with my 100mm or 180mm macro lenses, for magnifications up to 1X. The bracket allows me to change the flash angle and its distance from the subject quite easily. A larger diffuser could be used, but this becomes more awkward to handle and tends to bump into things…

( The camera pictured is the Canon T2i with the Canon EF 100mm USM macro lens)


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