JAM 2012 Photography Competition – Honorable Mentions

At any photo contest, judges have to determine the best photograph from a very deserving pool of photos. Decisions, while meaning to be objective, will always be tinged with the personal experiences of the individual judges, and if the judges had been different, so to may also have been the resulting winners. The three photographs below were of special interest to the JAM 2012 judges, and although they didn’t win cash prizes, they were all respected. All three were entered in the category, “Alive in the Natural Habitat”.

Sean McCann was consistently one of the strongest photographers to enter the contest, with three images (two of which can be seen below) that caught all the judges attention. This first is a common subject done extremely well – strong design, contrasting colours and technically excellent, this was one of my personal favourites.

Photo taken Aug. 13 2012, at Pandora Community Garden in East Vancouver
Description: Community gardens provide a welcome green space in large cities, and are a true refuge for insects and insect lovers alike. This Bombus vosnesenskii was gathering nectar from the Echinacea and made a pretty spectacle with the showy blossoms.

Adam Blake was a winner in “Predators with Prey”, but he also entered this image in the “Alive in the Natural Habitat” category.  Not an image that first leaps out at you, its strength lies in its selective focus and the pleasing composition.

July 31, 2011;
Leroy Leisure Land, Saskatchewan
A flight of female Cherry-faced Meadowhawks (Sympetrum internum, Libellulidae) remains vigilant over the meandering waterways of Leroy Leisure Land, SK.

And (LBNL) another by Sean McCann, a simple composition with a cute-as-buttons subject: nicely composed and I love the soft background gradient.

Photo taken Aug. 8, 2009, at Beacon Hill Park in Victoria BC
Description: Beacon Hill Park preserves large amounts of the threatened Garry Oak ecosystem. Among the amazing insects that inhabit these habitats, solitary bees are notably diverse. Along with the familiar pollinator species, parasitic species such as this Coelioxys, are to be found.

Congratulations to those who received Honorable Mentions!

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