The Week on Sunday 17

13 January, 2013 and another edition of The Week on Sunday.

♦ Opening today with this video from John Acorn, who makes us yearn for warmer days…

♦ If you like parasites, this has been a good week for news:

◊ Carl Zimmer writes about the jewel wasp, Ampulex compressa, that parasitizes cockroaches…

◊ But just how does a jewel wasp larva survive in the bacteria-infested cockroach anyhow? See If You’re Going To Live Inside A Zombie, Keep It Clean for more.

◊ What is this obsession with disinfection? Ed Yong reveals the latest ant research with news on Ants disinfect their young by drooling backside poison. (I’m so embarrassed…he said backside! :oops:)

◊ And – last and most disturbing – Jerry Coyne shares a video by someone who think bugs only exist to be bombed into oblivion. But that’s not the point…see how a Gordian worm emerges from parasitized spider…after the spider has been blitzed.

♦ The latest edition of the free magazine Anima Mundi is out, and the lead article has photographs of the amazing Pterochroza ocellata, the peacock katydid.

♦ Do you want to learn about tropical Lepidoptera? What looks to be a great course is happening at the Jenaro Herrera research center in the Department of Loreto, Peru. “The station is located in a biodiversity hot spot, surrounded by Amazonian rainforest that includes a variety of ecosystems.” Delicious!
Check out the Neotrropical Lepidoptera Course at CEBIO for more information. (Hat-tip to Terry Thormin)

♦ The Christmas season messed me up somewhat. I missed Terry Thormin’s post on Butterflies, Dung and Carrion… and who in their right mind would want to miss out on that?


♦ Not long after the release of Wide-angle Macro, the Essential Guide by Clay Bolt and Paul Harcourt Davies, Piotr Naskrecki came through with his approach to the subject. Be sure to visit Getting Low and Wide Part 1 and Part 2 for great tips.

♦ Ted MacRae  – that most amazing bug blogger over at Beetles in the Bush – has a problem. He is trying to refine his flash diffusion method, by means of popular opinion! Whatever one may think of popular opinion, be sure to check out Ted’s post and vote!

And from the Last but not Least dept., go over to Splendour Awaits’  (little) brother blog and have a look at Dan Johnson’s amazing piece of work…it is art riddled with bug paths.



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