Edmonton Bug Talks for February…

Thanks to Dr.Felix Sperling at the U of A for accumulating all the upcoming bug talks that will take place in the next few weeks.

It all starts Wednesday evening!


February 13 2013;   7 pm Royal Alberta Museum, 12845 102 Ave.

Dr. David Evans Walter, Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring Institute

Talk: “Dancing on the Head of a Pin: Unravelling nature, one mite at a time”



February 14 2013;    4 pm (refreshments at 3:30) Tory Breezeway 1, Univ. Alberta

Dr. Jeff Oliver, Oregon State University

Talk: “Why Fisher and Wright are still important to you: from rapid species discovery to deep time phylogenomics.”



February 15 2013;    12 noon, Biosci M-149, Univ. Alberta

Dr. Katy Prudic, Oregon State University

Talk: “Ecology on the tangled bank: How variation in local interactions affects the evolution of animal signalling”  (as illustrated by the evolution of butterfly wing patterns)



February 16 2013 (Sat.);    1:30 – 4 pm, Earth Science Bldg. 2-36, Univ. Alberta

Feralia Symposium, organized by John Acorn, Dept. RenR, Univ. Alberta

Symposium: “A Butterfly Atlas for Alberta” – including 6 talks



February 27 2013;    7 pm Royal Alberta Museum, 12845 102 Ave.

Matthias Buck, Royal Alberta Museum, Assist. Curator, Invertebrate Zoology

Paper Wasps: The adventures of species discovery in the 21st century


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