One Awkward Spider


This Ground Crab Spider (Xysticus sp.) seems to be imitating a meteor. It was found in this position just off the trail in Dinosaur Provincial Park – motionless but apparently undamaged. I examined it, and flicked the legs with a piece of grass stem, and the joints were still flexible. I guessed that it may have been immobilized by a spider-hunting wasp, but nothing came to claim it, so  picked it up  and returned to camp (see A Day in the Life) to photograph it. It never changed its position in that time, so I placed it back in an open patch and left it to nature to take care of things. Later, back at home, BugGuide  identified it and confirmed that it may be the result of a wasp sting. So my question is, seeing as many wasps seem to be quite specific on the the type of spider they use to stock their nests, would it be possible to determine the genus (or perhaps even the species) of wasp that may have done this?


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  1. Alex 5 February, 2013 at 5:18 PM #

    Huh. I can’t offer any constructive suggestions for what may have caused the paralysis, but a wasp sounds likely. Really nice capture here, Adrian.

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