A Four-square Square Display

During photo exhibits I have been asked how I display macro photographs in my home.
One simple method I use is an arrangement of four square images mounted in ‘Clips’ frames, and then arranged in a square.

Out of the camera, your images typically are in a 3:2 ratio. However, this need not be the ideal ratio for that particular image. Due to the inherent difficulties of macro (moving subject, changing backgrounds, minimal depth of field) you end up having a lot of images of your subject, and not all of them perfectly composed for the 3:2 ratio, but otherwise well exposed and sharp images. Rather than dump them indiscriminately, this is a good time to consider how those images would look if cropped to a different format. Cropping to a square is one option…

4 square square for different images

For instance, the image above is a representation of a small display of four 5.5″ sq. images that are on the wall in the stairwell of our home. While this is an odd mix of subjects, a similar four-square square display could be made with images from the same photo shoot of a single subject…

Wolf pider and eggcase

…or a four-square square with a single image!

Split image photograph display

There is no need to leave your images on the Web or in your hard-drive. Print some of your favourites: you will be pleasantly surprised how good they can look when hanging on the wall.

I will be blogging on other ways to display images in the future.

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