The Week on Sunday #39

Model Ant by Julia Stoess

Ant by Julia Stoess

♦ This Week on Sunday I want to open up with this amazing photograph. Not just a great photograph of an ant, this is a great photo of a model of an ant! Unfortunately they are not available in boxed DIY versions–I would love to decorate my home with these! See more of the amazing museum-quality models by designer Julia Stoess at Insecten Modelle. (See the end of this post for a germane and German video…)

♦ Ants are Hymenopterans, that is, they are in the same order that contains wasps, bees and sawflies. In the past I had read that ants are closely related to social wasps like the Vespidae, but new research using genetic data veers the relationship closer to the bees and the ‘spheciform’ wasps. For more on this, visit Alex Wild’s posts on GENOMIC DATA REVEAL THAT ANTS AND BEES ARE CLOSE RELATIVES and see the beautiful images at WHAT ARE “SPHECIFORM WASPS”?

♦ I have a fondness for history and photography, and a fondness for spiders too. So it tickled me pink when Chris Buddle at Arthropod Ecology posted on his favourite spider species

♦ With peer-reviewed publications, organized provincial and national societies, newsletters, journals, websites and blogs, Entomologists do a great job of communicating to each other. On the other hand, communicating with the general public has never been their strong point. There have been exceptions, and in Canada that exception has been John Acorn. His work in the public realm is extensive, and you can read more about his career as a recipient of the ENTOMOLOGICAL FOUNDATION MEDAL OF HONOR which has now been awarded to him! Congratulations John!

♦ Professor Malcolm Burrows on the young bug with mechanical gears (and an odd bit more…):

♦ Fancy gams!

Mounted Sagra buqueti Credit: Sarefo; distributed under a CC-BY 2.0 license.

♦ …and why they exist in Beetle Battles: The Secret World of Leg Wrestling and Abdomen Squeezing.

♦ Now here’s a new blog to follow! Gwen Pearson aka ‘Bug Girl‘, is now blogging at Charismatic Minifauna! Go there now!

♦ And closing with a video reveal of the work of Julia Stoess…

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