Bugs with Ale

Just a small change of pace…I fancy bugs with a pint tonight.

◊ Awesome parasite! Earlier we saw Pavel Krásenský’s photographs of mating Strepsiptera, now you can see Sean McCann‘s video of a male Strepsiptera emerging from a wasp.

You can almost hear it straining…


◊ Awesome author! David Quammen interview, by the Breaking Bio team.

See part two of the interview at the Breaking Bio Blog.

◊ In the last Bugs with Coffee, I introduced Nicky Bay. Now see what he’s done at Luminous Beauty: The Secret World of Fluorescent Arthropods.

Chris Buddle makes us itchy to learn more about the evolution of parasitoid wasps! Check it out at his new Scilog blog, Exspscor Exsipcor Expiscor!

◊ The Continuing Adventures of the Brain Scoop…hosted by Emily Graslie. (who has a Tumblr)

What to do after you’ve collected a good haul of bugs…

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