Winter Focus-stacking Prep.

Lots to learn…


Incoming hoverfly– my second and last Stackshot subject of the winter…

One of my winter projects was to get to know the Stackshot focus-stacking system. However, this was difficult due to two problems: lack of subjects and too short a winter (you won’t hear Canadians saying that often!). Embarrassingly, I had only two specimens to work on, the first was the dried husk of a tiger beetle larvae (which was taken-out by the cat) and the second was this hoverfly, a late season victim of my car’s rear window on a sunny day. Because I am not an insect collector (yet…), I lack subjects. So this is a call out to entomologists and insect collectors around Alberta: if you have any unneeded or damaged specimens to donate, that have at least the head (and all attached parts) in pristine condition, I would be interested in getting hold of some. I will use these specimens to develop my focus-stacking technique over the next winter. I can pick them up myself, or pay for postage if you are from out of town. I am presently looking only for Alberta insects, with a special interest in the solitary hunting wasps (Families Crabronidae, Sphecidae, Pompilidae…) but I will take any arthropod I can lay my hands on, particularly if it has a charismatic appearance. Please use the contact form to get hold me if you have anything to share. Thanks!


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