Shout-out for Plant (and Bug!) links for Berry Go Round!

I’ll be hosting the August 2014 edition of  Berry Go Round, the plant-science blog carnival!

Can bug and plant bloggers rise to the occasion and submit links to posts on the theme of Plant and Bug Interactions? The blog post guidelines are simple:

Berry Go Round is a blog carnival devoted to highlighting recent posts about any aspect of plant life from the blogosphere.

Berry Go Round covers all things botanical. That is, featured articles should just be about plants, from cells & chemistry to plant ecology and communities. Pictures can also be submitted whenever a minimum amount of information is given (such as scientific name, family and the like), and recipes may also be featured if the main ingredient is a plant and provided a decent botanical account follows.

(Seriously? Recipes with plants and bugs? )

"Rose-bud Weevil, a pest of garden roses."

This gardener doesn’t mind some plant/insect interaction…

Need ideas? For plant/bug interactions think co-evolution, mutualism, parasite galls, nectaries, leaf domatia…etc., etc..  Blog posts like this or this are good examples. Links to plain (but stimulating!) language posts revealing the latest plant science research would be excellent!

Please submit your links to Berry Go Round directly, or tweet a link with the hashtag #berrygoround.

Tweet, retweet and share wherever you can–let’s make this the buggiest Berry-Go-Round ever!

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