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Common Wasp

Common Wasp

Earlier this year I was thinking of occasionally adding old entomology prints to Splendour Awaits, but after dwelling on that idea for a while I thought it better not to dilute the photographic focus of this blog and instead to nurture the old print obsession by starting up another blog instead. I’ve built Museum Hadrianum to deal with this sideline, a blog where I will share a variety of old nature prints of a non-photographic origin, prints of those things which today many of us record with close-up and macro photography. Museum Hadrianum will be updated irregularly and un-systematically,  so if you are interested, it would probably be best to subscribe. I’ll try to dig out background information on each image, and categorize them, but the main criteria for inclusion is simply that they must draw my eye, and, in some way, inspire.

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