Linkfest – A World Guide to Macro Photography


Stay low when approaching and get to your subjects level.

Stay low when approaching your subject and get down to their eye level.

Some of the best macro photographers in the world take the time to share their equipment choices and the techniques they use. I’ve attempted to gather some of these informational posts in the links below. The categories are imprecise, many articles share both equipment and techniques information.  I have only used English-language blogs and websites in this selection, however, there are many websites that provide great advice in a variety of other languages. Of course, my selection is not complete (apologies to those I may have missed) and very bug-centered: if you know of other excellent macro photographers, in any genre, who share their techniques and equipment online (in any language), please provide a link to those pages in the comments.



Nicky Bay Macro Photography Ethics.


Equipment and Accessories

Matt Cole Macro Flash Diffusion

Paul Harcourt Davies Macro Basics and Lenses for Macro

Hock Ping Guek  My Macro Rig – Then and Now

Nicky Bay My Current Macro Setup

John Hallman Equipment Album (includes focus stacking set-ups)

Sean McCann Cheapskate Tuesdays: the Monster Macro Rig and the Cheapskate Flash Diffuser Mark II

Alex Wild Tools of the insect photography trade.



Paul Bertner Photography: Tips, tricks and techniques

Matt Cole Insect Macro Photography Hints and Tips

John Kimbler Macro Technique

Ted MacRae Approaching the Unapproachable: Tips and Tricks for Field Photography of Wary Insects (Slideshow)

Piotr Naskrecki Photo techniques (and equipment)

Thomas Shahan Methods in Macro Photography (Video)

Alex Wild Photo Technique.


Focus Stacking

Johan J Ingles-Le Nobel Extreme Macro.


If you there are any links you think should be added, please add to the comments below.

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