Hammock Spider, sans hammock.

This may well be my only submission for Arachtober! This is what Gary calls an End-of-the-season-geez-thanks-for-at-least-a-live-arthropod Spider, but hopefully I will have more arthropods to share before the season ends.

Pityohyphantes costatus  is a Hammock Spider, a sheet web weaver in the family Linyphiidae. As the name suggests, these spiders spin a horizontal web like a fine gauze sheet and then lay in wait under a nearby leaf. When prey lands on the web, the spider will run out and capture it from underneath. I spotted this one while looking up under leaves while walking the Amisk Wuche trail in Elk Island National Park.

Immature female Pityohyphantes costatus (Hentz)


Immature female Pityohyphantes costatus (Hentz)

Pityohyphantes costatus (Hentz)

Thanks to Don Buckle and Robin Leech for the ID!

More on hammock spiders at Bug Eric and a short page on this species at Spiders, an Electronic Field Guide.

(Canon 70D with MP-E85mm lens. ISO 200, 1/250 sec. @ f16. Lighting with diffused pair of Canon 270 EXII flashes.)

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  1. Gary Anweiler 15 October, 2015 at 10:34 AM #

    Nice images Adrian…. and always flattered to be mentioned. My ego thanks you. Happy hunting!

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