Odds and Ends

Odds and Ends will be my new format for sharing interesting articles about–or including–macro nature photography. The post will end with updates on the state of the blog and the blogger. Like me, Odds and Ends will be irregular and untimely, yet (hopefully ) still interesting and informative.

(Due to copyright restrictions, photos will not always be included. Note to macro nature photographers: if you have a post that you would like me to share, let me know through the Contact page)


Image Stacking with the Panasonic GH4 revisited…speeding things up. Paul Harcourt-Davies’ continues with his exploration of focus stacking through 4k video.
  Bugs on Ice. Solving an entomological mystery in the Canadian Rockies. I looked for these critters a few years ago, but without luck. Good story, and a refreshing presentation format by bioGraphic.

Hidden life of the Beewolf. A fascinating photo-essay on the life of the beewolf (Philanthus triangulum, Hymenoptera, Crabronidae) as recorded in someone’s backyard in Budapest. Jealous!

♦ It’s not astonishing enough that a spider exists that is covered with what appears to be reflective mirror-like plates, this spider also somehow manages to change their size. Check out Nicky Bay’s amazing images.


♦ I will also be attempting another redesign of the blog in the near future, so advance apologies should things become wobbly!

♦ I will be attending one day of the 64th ESA Annual Meeting on Friday, October 28th, so if you see someone looking lost and sheepish on the University of Calgary campus, please stop, buy him a beer and nudge him in the right direction.

♦ Regular followers of this blog will have noticed I have been particularly unproductive this year. Circumstances did not allow me to get out into the field as much as I would have liked, and when I did manage to get out I was shooting more macro video than still photography. Video takes longer to process, and in many cases, I have not even had the chance to go over all the footage to see if I have been successful, Hopefully, there will be some interesting results popping up soon!


Take care, everyone.

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