Free Monograph on Pompilid Spider Wasps of North America

Kurczewski, F.E., Edwards, G.B., Pitts, J.P. Hosts, Nesting Behavior, and Ecology of Some North American Spider Wasps (Hymenoptera: Pompilidae), II† is available in pdf format at the Digital Commons of Utah State University.

From the Abstract:

“This monograph is a continuation of a multiyear study of the genera and species of North American spider wasps (Pompilidae) and their spider host families, genera and species, nesting behavior, ecology, and natural communities. The study enlarges and enhances host preference, nesting behavior, and ecological information for 77 North American pompilid taxa.”

This monograph is particularly interesting because it draws on web-based material (videos, photographs and blog posts) to expand on the traditional field observations and collections of entomologists. It is worth having a look at if you like spider wasps and are interested in their behavior, and it contains some great images of the hunting wasps in action.

Dipogon sayi (Hymenoptera: Family Pomplidae) with Xysticus sp. spider prey.

Two wasp species that I photographed, and that were identified by Dr. Matthias Buck (Royal Alberta Museum) are included: Dipogon sayi nigrior Townes (pg. 15) and Arachnospila fumipennis fumipennis (Zetterstedt) (pg. 52). In the monograph text for D. sayi nigrior the photograph is indicated as being on the front cover, however, the pdf does not include the covers, and on my copy of the front page of the printed monograph, all the images are soft. The image above is the missing Dipogon photo.

(Edited 3 July, 2017)

†Kurczewski, F.E., Edwards, G.B., Pitts, J.P. Hosts, Nesting Behavior, and Ecology of Some North American Spider Wasps (Hymenoptera: Pompilidae), II (2017) Southeastern Naturalist, 16 (m9), pp. 1-82.
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