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A Running Crab Spider — Philodromus histrio

Philodromus histrio is found worldwide across the northern hemisphere, this one was found in our front garden in Edmonton. In Sweden the name is Praktsnabblöpare, translating to “Magnificent Fast Runner”. The only site that carried some of […]

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Philodromid Mom

A Running Crab Spider (Family Philodromidae) found in the garden under a lily leaf, guarding her egg case. Running crab spiders are hunters, and do not build webs to capture prey. When hunting they do lay a […]

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Running Crab Spider, Thanatus sp.

Another upload to the gallery, this time a female Running Crab Spider (Philodromidae), Thanatus sp., possibly T. formicinus. At the time, I wondered about the ‘split’ on the abdomen, and it was only when I […]

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Runner on a Pin

Spring in Alberta! We are in the midst of another snow storm, which means we have a long wait for outdoor bugs. So here is another juvenile running crab spider, this time found on the […]

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Dancing on the Head of a Pin – Philodromus Spider

This is the second running crab spider (Philodromus sp., Philodromidae) I have found in the home this year, a juvenile, and a runner indeed… Soon after this photograph was taken, the house furnace went on and […]

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Runner on the Sand

When walking along the sandy tracks in the Opal Natural Area, my eyes are usually scanning the ground on the lookout for the many bugs that favor this habitat. Tiger beetles, spider hunting wasps, and […]

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