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First Spring Field Trip 2017

With an unruly spring–further delayed by an eight-day trip to New York with She Who Must be Obeyed, my usual April launch into the ice-free wilds became a May day. Ignoring the unkempt garden for a […]

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The Week on Sunday #39

♦ This Week on Sunday I want to open up with this amazing photograph. Not just a great photograph of an ant, this is a great photo of a model of an ant! Unfortunately they are […]

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The Week on Sunday #35

Welcome to this Week on Sunday! ♦ Today I will lead off with a preview of an amazing documentary – More Than Honey. It takes a look at the lives of bees and beekeepers in this era […]

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Curious Jumping Spider

This Salticid drew my eyes when I saw it hopping on a fallen log. Bending down to take a closer look, I saw that it was actually hopping to avoid the ants that were scavenging […]

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An American Redeemed…

…almost redeemed, anyway. I have been looking back at last years’ photographs. I came across this image of  Habronattus americanus, that, instead of following due protocol, insisted on perching on the edge of my white […]

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Not just Cute, but Cosy.

A little Salticid peeks out from its lair cubbyhole. Photographed in Opal Natural Area on May 8, 2012. Canon EOS 5D Mark II Digital Camera, Canon Macro Photo MP-E 65mm f/2.8 1-5x Manual Focus Lens for […]

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The Week on Sunday #26

♦ Using Google Earth, Mark Williams has rediscovered a lost butterfly species in South Africa. The following video by Yolande Bode may be the first ever of the Waterberg Copper, Erikssonia edgei. Needless to say, the rediscovery raised […]

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The Week on Sunday #25

♦ Opening with – ‘The Life of an Entomolgist” (Hat-tip to Maria Pineda).  Leaf-litter extraction with creative animation and rollicking music: ♦ Most butterfly watchers have probably noticed the similarity that the tail-end of hairstreak (Family Lycaenidae, […]

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