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The Week on Sunday #34

Finally back with another look at articles that caught my attention in the last week(s). I’ll lead off with a new series narrated by the great Sir David Attenborough: ◊ David Attenborough is hosting Micro Monsters […]

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Sir David Attenborough’s Life Stories coming to PBS

The BBC and Sir David Attenborough have enriched the lives of many nature loving people. Who can forget Life in the Undergrowth or Life in Cold Blood and the many other documentaries that he brought to us? Now, […]

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Two Weeks on Sunday

It’s Sunday. A holy day. After another week of frenzied work and frustration, you just want to slow down and get off the out-of-control roller-coaster that is hurtling recklessly down the track that is your life. You feel […]

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The Week on Sunday 7

Spent the last few days in Banff National Park, not bug-hunting, but attending the wedding of niece Teresa and her beau, Nial. A great time was had by all, and the event was mostly bug free – […]

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The Black Oil Beetle

With their slow movements, distended abdomens and their propensity for grass, oil beetles will forgive me for thinking that they are the insect equivalent of cows. Indeed for the short period that this specimen was kept in […]

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