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Update. Wasps and more…

◊ The gallery on Dolichovespula arenaria (previously blogged here) has been updated with more photos that were taken in July 2014, including some of the inside of the nest. Go take a gander. ◊ I’ve been working […]

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Survey Results: more Cow Bells, less Argyle Socks

I always thought it strange that bloggers would survey their readers with the intent to mold their blog to satisfy outside opinions. Like one of my survey respondents said, “I tend to think of websites (incl. blogs) […]

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First ‘Splendour Awaits’ Survey

You can influence the future of this blog by filling out a short survey. Thank you!

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Why I Photograph and Blog Strange and Obscure Little Animals

It’s still winter,, thus, still time for introspection, and time to  revisit some of the 96 draft posts that have accumulated in the last year… Not long ago, Chris Buddle at Arthropod Ecology did an heart-felt post on […]

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Spring Dreaming

Still battling inertia in 2013… Like others I am going through a bout of the doldrums now. While I always look forward to winter to catch up with the many tasks I ignore in the warmer months, […]

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Upgrade in process…

BlueHost has been slow the last few days, and now they are upgrading servers. Apologies for slow or disrupted service!

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Coming soon to Splendour Awaits…

(Revised on May 5, 2012) Since beginning Splendour Awaits I have wanted to expand the content, both in terms of entomology, macro photography and the overall biophilia that drives them. However, I have only one life, and I cannot write […]

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An Inordinate Fondness #6

The latest edition of  An Inordinate Fondness, the bestest (and only-est) Beetle Circus,  is up at Insect Art.

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