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Pterostichus with prey.

This ground beetle was startled when I first leaned in to photograph it, but did not let go of its prey when it scurried off! Both the larvae and the adults in this genus are predacious, […]

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Ground Beetle, and Granulated…

Sounding like some sort of future new-age food supplement, the Granulated Ground Beetle (Carabus granulatus) is actually named after the raised grain-like lines the run along the length of the elytra. This beetle would be […]

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Pterostichus Collage

I found this one dashing across our minuscule lawn yesterday, so I nabbed him and gave him the white glove bowl treatment. He managed to escape before I could get the obligatory full dorsal shot, so […]

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JAM 2012 Photography Contest Winners!

On Tuesday night the Joint Annual Meeting of the Entomological Society of Alberta (ESAB) and the Entomological Society of Canada (ESC) had their banquet. The awards for the JAM 2012 Photography Contest were presented, and […]

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A closer look at the Purple-rimmed Carabus,

I thought I would take a closer look at the Carabus nemoralis I photographed on Sunday. I chose this photo because it has less of the coppery sheen which was previously revealed, mainly due to the flash angle. In […]

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Invader Carabid!

My first outdoor bug shot (in the white box) for 2012! This purple-rimmed Carabus (Carabus nemoralis  Muller, 1764) is also known as the European Ground Beetle. The elytra on this one was a dull bronze, an unusual […]

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Stag-jawed Carabid

This is the subject that epitomized my frustrations with my 180mm macro lens! The stag-jawed carabid is a fairly large beetle (25mm/1″) and trying to photograph it with the white-bowl technique with a long-focus macro lens and […]

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The Return of the Sunday Bugfest

A return to the Sunday Bugfest, which should, as I shut down other time-nappers,  finally become a regular feature on The Bug Whisperer. I will display a host of spineless and photography links to articles from blogs […]

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