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Caragana Blister Beetle

I found these oil beetles in the North Saskatchewan River valley in Edmonton on the 24 May. They were aggregating in a grassy area not far from Siberian Pea Shrub bushes (Caragana arborescens) which are the […]

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Meloe niger. Kirby, 1837

Continuing with gallery updates, this time the popular oil (or  ‘blister’) beetle, Meloe niger, which I have written about before at The Black Oil Beetle. The strange appearance and  life cycle of this insect makes it a popular hit […]

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Pavel Krásenský Photographs Mating Strepsiptera

This is one of an amazing sequence photographed by Pavel Krásensky … Strepsiptera or Twisted-wing parasites are a bizarre internal parasites of bees and wasps. Their life-cycle begins similar to the oil beetles (Meloidae). From NC State […]

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Alberta Oil (Beetle)

Last year, based on an oil beetle I photographed in Grasslands National Park, Sask.,  I jokingly mentioned that the oil beetle should be Alberta’s official insect, because we have so much of the oily stuff. Well, […]

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The Black Oil Beetle

With their slow movements, distended abdomens and their propensity for grass, oil beetles will forgive me for thinking that they are the insect equivalent of cows. Indeed for the short period that this specimen was kept in […]

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Golden but Rusty

I had the pleasure of joining a butterfly count in Dry Island Buffalo Jump this last Sunday, under the wing of botanist Charles Bird, a great naturalist of this area. A group situation is not […]

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