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A Thread-waisted Wasp–Ammophila

Last year I posted on the hoverfly that had its mouth-parts trapped by an ambush bug. That picture was taken toward the end of September, when flowering plants on the prairie are not very numerous. […]

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My Top 10 Macro Photographs in 2013

Here are my top photo choices for 2013. The selection is based somewhat on public response, but mostly just because they are my personal favorites. Like most years, these are wild Alberta bugs, photographed alive and kicking, without cooling […]

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Ladybird Beetlebum

The afternoon was getting hot, and I was looking for some shade to sit down and enjoy my lunch and take a short nap. The problem was, I was on the northwest floor of the valley in […]

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Delicate Linyphiidae

This is a small male spider I came across while in Dinosaur Provincial Park last year. I saw it in wandering over a grass-head – I took a few photos for reference and left it […]

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Jumping Spider Habronattus cuspidatus revisited.

Reviewing earlier images, I came across this Habronattus cuspidatus photo, taken in Dinosaur Provincial Park last year. Perky, ain’t he, with the green legs and golden knees?  

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A Humble Gryllus

Field crickets were a part of my childhood in South Africa, more likely to be found in the home than cockroaches. So seeing them in the terrain of Dinosaur Provincial Park in southern Alberta brought with […]

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