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Introducing the Kunstkammer

Earlier this year I was thinking of occasionally adding old entomology prints to Splendour Awaits, but after dwelling on that idea for a while I thought it better not to dilute the photographic focus of this […]

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A Four-square Square Display

During photo exhibits I have been asked how I display macro photographs in my home. One simple method I use is an arrangement of four square images mounted in ‘Clips’ frames, and then arranged in a square. […]

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Will you be at the Bug Jamboree?

Hey! This bug-centric type of event does not happen often enough in Alberta… The Ellis Bird Farm is holding a Bug Jamboree this Saturday! From the website: Bring the bugsters in your family to the […]

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Upcoming Macro Photography Events 2013

Here are some of the upcoming public events that I will be participating in this summer: 21 July Outdoor art exhibit and sale: Rooted II. Perspectives in the Natural World at the University of Alberta Devonian […]

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