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The Year in Review 2014

I was going to skip the usual “best-of” and “thank-you” post this year, as I have been feeling under the weather and somewhat lost lately. However, I do have much to be thankful for, and […]

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Moth Night

On the 26 July this year I participated in a National Moth Week event at the Devonian Botanic Garden just a short drive west of Edmonton… It was a magical event, with participants of all […]

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Spring Dreaming

Still battling inertia in 2013… Like others I am going through a bout of the doldrums now. While I always look forward to winter to catch up with the many tasks I ignore in the warmer months, […]

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A Beetle-y Father’s Day

My daughter Arwen (15), rarely wakes up on the weekend before I do (I am usually up by about 5:30 AM) so she doesn’t provide the traditional Father’s Day ‘breakfast in bed’. She makes up […]

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