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Now here’s dedication: Slow Life by Daniel Stoupin

This is really an amazing piece of macro work, combining time-lapse with focus-stacking on a moving platform. A real labour of love, revealing the beauty of the unseen life of corals and sponges: be sure to […]

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Focus Stacking Update II

I think I have the lighting figured out now. Still some work to do on cleaning, but on the whole I think a satisfying focus stack. Pin and some dust and fibres have been removed […]

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Focus-stacking Update

Thanks to Gary Anweiler, who donated a variety of bumblebees and moths, I have been able to continue with focus-stacking . The first bee I tried was a Yellow-faced bumblebee, Bombus vosnesenskii  from Gabriola Island, British Columbia.I am […]

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Winter Focus-stacking Prep.

Lots to learn… One of my winter projects was to get to know the Stackshot focus-stacking system. However, this was difficult due to two problems: lack of subjects and too short a winter (you won’t […]

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Pole Dancing: Macro Style

Here is a simple and cheap DIY technique I picked up from ace macro photographer, Brian Valentine (aka: Lord V.).  A  bean pole can be used for gaining vertical stability when using your hand-held camera […]

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The Week on Sunday #40

Welcome to another Week on Sunday! With winter fast approaching, my mind begins to turn to how I will continue to explore the macro world from inside the home. While I do have a lot […]

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