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Halfmoon Lake Natural Area

One of my favourite locations is the sandy jack pine ecosystem of the Halfmoon Lake Natural Area north of Edmonton. I began visiting in the spring of 2013 and I have been returning for regular visits […]

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Earwig, Forficula auricularia.

Another update to the gallery, this time the complete set of the European earwig photos from 2012. This little guy was first blogged about at Entomology Notes 1: How to pin a baby earwig.

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Meloe niger. Kirby, 1837

Continuing with gallery updates, this time the popular oil (or  ‘blister’) beetle, Meloe niger, which I have written about before at The Black Oil Beetle. The strange appearance and  life cycle of this insect makes it a popular hit […]

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Nicrophorus investigator. Zetterstedt, 1824

Click image to see the updated 4 image gallery of Nicrophorus investigator. This burying beetle was photographed in Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park in 2011.

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Formica ravida. Creighton, 1940

As I indicated earlier, I’ll be attacking a backlog of photographs this season, and here is the first updated gallery, from September 2011: Formica ravida Creighton, 1940 (as identified by James Trager at BugGuide). These ants were […]

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New Galleries

The first tentative galleries are up at my Zenfolio site. Go to New Galleries on the menu bar to take a gander, or click on the image below. The galleries will be updated and reorganized/renamed on […]

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