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State of the Stack

At the end of last year, I began revising my focus stacking system to make it more portable and to be able to produce higher magnification work. At the same time, I decided it was […]

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Bee Watching

Pour yourself a glass of mead and take a seat. Please watch in HD full screen to make the most of the video, and enjoy the movement of bees in flight, followed by a brief […]

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Nature will have its say

I guess this is a food blog’s equivalent to posting an image of moldy bread…   Instead of discarding this moldy specimen, I decided to give it some recognition. The hyphae of the fungus was […]

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Red-belted bumblebee, Bombus rufocinctus.

  I’ve been neglecting the blog lately as I prepare for two speaking engagements and some new workshops, so when I find time to spare, I work through images from the past. I am hoping […]

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One-shot Wednesday….Macro Kismet

It happens often. You’ve spent minutes stalking your subject, crouching and crawling to set-up the perfect shot and, as you click the shutter, BANG–your subject moves, leaving you with a blurred and useless image. In this […]

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Big Bumble

I am in the process of  tweeking a macro photography presentation for tomorrows workshop at the Ellis Bird Farm, when I came across this pic. Photographed in the front garden, this Bombus nevadensis queen is visiting the flowers […]

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Focus Stacking Update II

I think I have the lighting figured out now. Still some work to do on cleaning, but on the whole I think a satisfying focus stack. Pin and some dust and fibres have been removed […]

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Focus-stacking Update

Thanks to Gary Anweiler, who donated a variety of bumblebees and moths, I have been able to continue with focus-stacking . The first bee I tried was a Yellow-faced bumblebee, Bombus vosnesenskii  from Gabriola Island, British Columbia.I am […]

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