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Callaspidia sp., parasitoid wasp.

Another gallery update, this time from 2010. This story of this unique sequence of photographs can be found at Parasitoid, Predator and Prey. All the photos were¬†taken with an Tamron 90mm macro lens, mounted on […]

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Parasitoid, Predator and Prey

A parasitic wasp of the genus Callaspidia (Hymenoptera, Family Figitidae, Subfamily Aspiceratinae) laying eggs in a syrphid (hoverfly) larva. Photographed on 31 July, 2010 in Edmonton, Alberta. This is similar to one of the photographs […]

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A World on a Honeysuckle

During July and August this year, I spent some time on a step ladder, examining a honeysuckle vine (Lonicera hyb. ‘Mandarin’) that grows on our garage wall. I found an amazing diversity of bugs congregating […]

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