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Odds and Ends

I’m back after a long absence from this blog. Besides the usual dealing-with-life issues,  I simply have not managed to get out into the field as much as I would like. During the times when […]

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Ant vs. wasp with a spider in the middle.

Every year I come across a few spider-hunting wasps, but I have yet to see a paralyzed spider actually being pulled into the nest. This time it seemed a sure thing: I first spotted the […]

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Frightful Mindsuckers

Just in time for Halloween, the November issue of National Geographic is capitalizing on the current fad for zombies and features an article on the fascinating world of parasitic organisms. Written by the parasite-obsessed Carl Zimmer, the […]

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Formica ravida. Creighton, 1940

As I indicated earlier, I’ll be attacking a backlog of photographs this season, and here is the first updated gallery, from September 2011: Formica ravida Creighton, 1940 (as identified by James Trager at BugGuide). These ants were […]

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Pensive Pismire

This is from the same set of photographs that were part of the Hope Arising post that I shared last year. All the photos from that sequence are now online in the gallery.

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Our ‘pavement ants’…

The most common ant in our Edmonton, Alberta garden is a black field ant which manages to make nests in various areas, usually in conjunction with pavement. (The commonly known pavement ant, Tetramorium caespitum, does not […]

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Hope Arising

Fallen and decaying logs in shaded areas will usually draw my attention because they can host – or be a platform for – a variety of life suitable for the macro photographer. This particular log […]

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Formica – going for seed

Near the end of the trail in Elk Island National Park, I spotted a dark jumping spider on the end of a fallen log. Unable to resist Salticids, I hunkered down and began shooting. The […]

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