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Revisiting the Stumpstabber

One of the most consistently popular blog posts at Splendour Awaits has been The ‘Stump Stabber’ – An Ichneumon Wasp, a post I made on June 8, 2010. I am glad that it remains popular, because for […]

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Best Images of 2012

For a variety of reasons, 2012 was not a very productive year for me in regards to bug photography, but here are a handful of my favorite images that, overall, attracted the most attention in […]

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Video: Blue Butterflies, Red Ants and an Ichneumon.

From Life in the Undergrowth, this clip shows the amazing relationship between the Alcon blue butterfly (Phengaris alcon), a brood parasite of red ants (Myrmica scabrinodis, Myrmica rubra and Myrmica ruginodis) and the ichneumon wasp (Ichneumon […]

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A World on a Honeysuckle

During July and August this year, I spent some time on a step ladder, examining a honeysuckle vine (Lonicera hyb. ‘Mandarin’) that grows on our garage wall. I found an amazing diversity of bugs congregating […]

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The ‘Stump Stabber’ – An Ichneumon Wasp

While our daughter volunteered at Fort Edmonton this last weekend, my wife and I roamed the river valley around the fort. While we paused at a bench, I noticed a slender wasp ‘feeling’ its way […]

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