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Male leafcutter bees.

Two little (7mm) male leafcutter bees, Megachile rotundata Fabricius,  at rest. These are solitary bees introduced to North America in the 1930’s to help pollinate alfalfa. More information on this bee can be found in […]

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Bees and Baptisia

Another reliable plant in our front garden is the perennial Blue False Indigo, Baptisia australis, a member of the family Fabaceae (legumes) that contains other garden plants such as beans, sweet peas, lupines and the shrubby […]

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Black Megachile

Still not fully identified at Bugguide, this leaf-cutting bee was bathing in hawkweed (Hieracium sp.) pollen, something it is well-evolved to do. The major pollen-gathering site on Megachile species is under the length of the abdomen and called the ‘scopa‘. […]

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What a better place to set your web than near a colony of Blue Mason bees? A female comb-footed spider, Steatoda borealis (Hentz, 1850) labours to restrain the struggling bee. Thanks to Robin Leech for the spider […]

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First of the Season – Blue Mason Bees

Winter is out. I have been without new bug shots for quite a while now, but a recent trip down to the Saskatchewan River valley to visit ‘my’ riverbank bee condo, provided some interest. Nothing […]

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