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Bees and Baptisia

Another reliable plant in our front garden is the perennial Blue False Indigo, Baptisia australis, a member of the family Fabaceae (legumes) that contains other garden plants such as beans, sweet peas, lupines and the shrubby […]

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Black Megachile

Still not fully identified at Bugguide, this leaf-cutting bee was bathing in hawkweed (Hieracium sp.) pollen, something it is well-evolved to do. The major pollen-gathering site on Megachile species is under the length of the abdomen and called the ‘scopa‘. […]

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What a better place to set your web than near a colony of Blue Mason bees? A female comb-footed spider, Steatoda borealis (Hentz, 1850) labours to restrain the struggling bee. Thanks to Robin Leech for the spider […]

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First of the Season – Blue Mason Bees

Winter is out. I have been without new bug shots for quite a while now, but a recent trip down to the Saskatchewan River valley to visit ‘my’ riverbank bee condo, provided some interest. Nothing […]

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