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Linkfest – A World Guide to Macro Photography

  Some of the best macro photographers in the world take the time to share their equipment choices and the techniques they use. I’ve attempted to gather some of these informational posts in the links […]

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Just mildly interesting.

I’ve known for a several years about the famous (in Holland, anyhow) Dutch ecologist and botanist Dr. Jac P. Thijsse (1865 – 1945) who gained his reputation through his naturalistic park designs. Although my father […]

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Presentation at the Central Alberta Photographic Society

I spent an enjoyable evening in Red Deer yesterday, as a guest of the Central Alberta Photographic Society. I did a one-and-a-half hour presentation on Macro Nature Photography: The Joy of Bugs and other small pleasures. There […]

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Anand Varma — Getting the Pictures

As a follow-up on the previous post, here is a short video on how Anand Varma obtained some of the images for National Geographic. Some brief glimpses into his equipment and set-up. Looks like a […]

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A Nobel Gift

I’m very pleased with a package I just received in the mail today. In the envelope? A complementary copy of The World of the Small macro calendar 2015 by Johan J. Ingles-Le Nobel, as thanks for […]

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Introducing the Kunstkammer

Earlier this year I was thinking of occasionally adding old entomology prints to Splendour Awaits, but after dwelling on that idea for a while I thought it better not to dilute the photographic focus of this […]

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Return of The Week on Sunday

Despite my best efforts to ignore what’s going on around me, and to make a vocation out of macro nature photography, I can no longer restrain myself on sharing the some of the fascinating and […]

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Updates: Workshop Calendar and more…

♦ It almost seems strange that my business plan is actually on track! As I mentioned last year, that besides the small-group macro workshops, I also hoped to be offering classes in 2014. Well, it has […]

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