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I am privileged to have the opportunity to follow my interests in what most would call a ‘full-time’ capacity. While many have the drive and the focus to follow their passion from the earliest age and then turn […]

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A Migratory Grasshopper One-hander

Grasshoppers can be a nuisance to photograph sometimes…   Even when you approach them as slowly and discretely as possible, you will find them sidling over to the other side of the stem–that’s if they haven’t […]

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The Week on Sunday #40

Welcome to another Week on Sunday! With winter fast approaching, my mind begins to turn to how I will continue to explore the macro world from inside the home. While I do have a lot […]

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We need to Inspire with Nature

With generations of our youth increasingly becoming captive to the digital world, we need to spend more time showing kids how awesome nature really is. The long-term consequences of raising a generation that has no […]

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The Week on Sunday #34

Finally back with another look at articles that caught my attention in the last week(s). I’ll lead off with a new series narrated by the great Sir David Attenborough: ◊ David Attenborough is hosting Micro Monsters […]

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What’s In My Camera Bag 1 – Essentials

Just what do I take with me on a typical macro field trip? There are three types of sorties that I generally make into the field. One is a light-weight kit that I use for […]

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