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Pine Tussock Moth Caterpillar (Dasychira grisefacta)

I found this caterpillar trundling along the sidewalk at Athabasca Falls in Jasper National Park on 17 May this year. Noticing all the tufts and hairs I immediately thought, “I bet that’s irritating!”, so dropped to […]

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Stormy Arches

Stormy Arches. What a cool common name for this monotone but complexly patterned moth, Polia nimbosa (Guenée, 1852) from the Noctuidae family.   All photos are of one live specimen caught in the home garden light trap […]

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Sphingid Caterpillars

Sphingid species (Lepidoptera, Family Sphingidae) are commonly known as ‘horntails’ or ‘hornworms’, for reasons that are fairly obvious. Last July, I came across three distinctive horntail caterpillars while on photo-walks. I found that ID is not […]

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Plagodis phlogosaria, Family Geometridae

Plagodis phlogosaria is disassembled at Wikipedia thusly: “The binomial name refers to the Greek phlogos (meaning “flame”), phlogistos (meaning “to burn” or “inflame”) or phlogosis (meaning “inflammation”)”. So, with all that going for it, one […]

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On the trail of Pero morrisonaria (H. Edwards 1881)

I was going through my images from 2015, looking to dispose of as much excess as possible in order to make space on my hard drive when I came across a few moth images that […]

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Pterostichus with prey.

This ground beetle was startled when I first leaned in to photograph it, but did not let go of its prey when it scurried off! Both the larvae and the adults in this genus are predacious, […]

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Just mildly interesting.

I’ve known for a several years about the famous (in Holland, anyhow) Dutch ecologist and botanist Dr. Jac P. Thijsse (1865 – 1945) who gained his reputation through his naturalistic park designs. Although my father […]

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Update. Wasps and more…

◊ The gallery on Dolichovespula arenaria (previously blogged here) has been updated with more photos that were taken in July 2014, including some of the inside of the nest. Go take a gander. ◊ I’ve been working […]

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