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Plagodis phlogosaria, Family Geometridae

Plagodis phlogosaria is disassembled at Wikipedia thusly: “The binomial name refers to the Greek phlogos (meaning “flame”), phlogistos (meaning “to burn” or “inflame”) or phlogosis (meaning “inflammation”)”. So, with all that going for it, one […]

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On the trail of Pero morrisonaria (H. Edwards 1881)

I was going through my images from 2015, looking to dispose of as much excess as possible in order to make space on my hard drive when I came across a few moth images that […]

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Bristle Fly?

The flies in the Family Tachinidae could very well take the common name of ‘Bristle Fly’, due to the many stiff hairs that cover the abdomen of many species. My dismal April Fool’s post was indeed a Tachinid […]

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Portrait: An Emerald Looper Caterpillar


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An Emerald Moth Looper

This looper, probably Synchlora aerata, the  caterpillar of the Wavy-lined Emerald, was found at Dinosaur Provincial Park on 30 May, 2012. I first noticed it because it was shaking “in the wind”. The only problem was, […]

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A Winter Moth in Fall

While going through my older files, I came across this image, a Operophtera bruceata (Hulst, 1886) moth resting on a leaf in the autumn of 2007. Known as the Bruce Spanworm or the Winter Moth, O. […]

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