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The Belly of the Dragon

The belly of the dragonfly, that is. This Four-spotted Skimmer (Libellula quadrimaculata Linnaeus, 1758) is glowing gold from the backlight. This is a species found throughout the northern hemisphere, from North American and Europe through […]

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Meadowhawk on Lichen

A cherry faced meadowhawk (Sympetrum internum) rests on reindeer lichen at the Halfmoon Natural Area, Alberta. (1 August, 2013. Canon 5Dk II with EF 100mm f2.8 macro lens and diffused flash. ISO 320, 1/200 sec. […]

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Meadowhawk in the Middle

Sometimes breaking with macro conventions is required. The straight look, centered in the frame – and very shallow depth of field – emphasize the enormous eyes of this aerial predator. (28 July, 2013 – Elk […]

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Meadowhawk Moment

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A Garden Skimmer

This was a good year for meadowhawks in our garden. However they seem to be difficult to identify without a hands-on approach, so this goes down only as Symptetrum sp., a skimmer. (Family¬†Libellulidae) Backlighting hi-lites […]

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Black Hawk Down

Most people have seen the couples – two united in close formation, one being pulled along by the other. Perhaps you have seen them embracing, forming a romantic heart shape while resting on a reed. […]

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Golden Dragon

    I don’t often photograph larger insects, but a stroll along Elk Island National Park’s Amisk Wuche trail provided this specimen, most likely a Saffron-winged Meadowhawk (Sympetrum costiferum). It is also a rare thing […]

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