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Spring in the Opal Natural Area

I had my first 2015 visit to the Opal Natural Area on Thursday, a favorite area of mine due to the diverse habitats:  jack pine forest with open areas of kinnikinnick and reindeer moss, groves […]

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Off to Waterton

(The little grey cells have been otherwise occupied, so blogging has been neglected, but here is a post I should have been placed two months ago…) My usual early September tour of southern Alberta was delayed due […]

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Late-summer Halfmoon Rambling

I was looking for sand beasts last week. I began in the area around Nestow in the morning. I found little there, so moved on to Halfmoon Lake Natural Area again. By the time I arrived it was […]

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One for the 0.1%

Found this dapper hopper at the Halfmoon Lake Natural Area on June 12 this year.  Says our local Orthopterid expert, Dan Johnson, in a Facebook interaction: “If I am correct judging from the photo, it is a good […]

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A Migratory Grasshopper One-hander

Grasshoppers can be a nuisance to photograph sometimes…   Even when you approach them as slowly and discretely as possible, you will find them sidling over to the other side of the stem–that’s if they haven’t […]

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Two-striped Grasshoppers: Ferroutage

‘Scuse my French (corrections accepted), but when I can’t think of a decent creative title for a blog post, I resort to Google Translate… This Two-striped Grasshopper pair were ideal photographic subjects, as they kanoodled in a […]

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