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Cutworm with Parasitoids – Intro.

During a macro workshop I presented at the the Crop Diversification Centre South in mid-May, I was given a cutworm specimen by Shelley Barkley and Scott Meers. This was not an ‘ordinary’ cutworm – the 20 mm portly-type that […]

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Mystery Parasitoid Wasp

Not fair, or even possible –  I just don’t know. Here is a freshly emerged parasitoid wasp screaming-out for ID…  

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Can egg-laying sawflies stimulate self-defense in a tree?

Blogging recent research: The Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris) is a well-known hardy coniferous tree often used in the landscape by designers and gardeners. It originates in Eurasia, and in northern Europe it is the only native […]

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Garden Bugs of August #3

Another tachinid, this fly has been identified at BugGuide to genus Peleteria. (Diptera (Flies) » Calyptratae » Oestroidea » Tachinidae » Tachininae » Tachinini » Peleteria) The Tachinidae have a home page at the North American […]

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