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Wasp Nest Squatter

I was forced to destroy the wasp nest that had been growing on our garage door frame, as it was becoming a danger to us when we entered or left the garage. The morning after my dastardly night […]

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The Black Oil Beetle

With their slow movements, distended abdomens and their propensity for grass, oil beetles will forgive me for thinking that they are the insect equivalent of cows. Indeed for the short period that this specimen was kept in […]

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Schtinky Beetle

OK, its not Nicrophorus ‘schtinkii’, but rather Nicrophorus investigator. However, in the confines of my white bowl field studio, and perhaps magnified by parabolic reflection, this burying beetle was more than a little on the stinky side of odoriferous. […]

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Earwicga Aegas ǽgðer Ymelas

Earwig is to ant as earwicga is to ǣmete (‘emmet’)…. Rooted in Anglo-Saxon, the origins of earwig from the online edition of the Oxford English Dictionary:  Old English ēarwicga, from ēare ‘ear’ + wicga ‘earwig’ (probably related to wiggle); the insect […]

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A Caterpillar Hunter

This 18mm long carabid beetle was found under a log slab in our garden. I thought at first that it might be the common imported Sidewalk Carabid (Pterostichus melanarius), but noticing the faint purple edge […]

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