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Captured by Calypso

She-who-must-be-obeyed and I had a short break in Jasper in May, and on one of our morning walks, we came across some Calypso orchids. These are small orchids with a circumpolar distribution. Each plant usually bears […]

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Bees and Baptisia

Another reliable plant in our front garden is the perennial Blue False Indigo, Baptisia australis, a member of the family Fabaceae (legumes) that contains other garden plants such as beans, sweet peas, lupines and the shrubby […]

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Big Bumble

I am in the process of  tweeking a macro photography presentation for tomorrows workshop at the Ellis Bird Farm, when I came across this pic. Photographed in the front garden, this Bombus nevadensis queen is visiting the flowers […]

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Supporting Pollinators

Why worry about pollinators? Pollinators fertilize flowers that produce fruit and seeds that many animals need to survive, including ourselves! Recently, with bees in the news due to colony collapse disorder, many are concerned about honeybee decline, and […]

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The Week on Sunday #38

This Week on Sunday is book-ended by two videos from TedTalks. Both are new to me and worth seeing: ♦ From the 17 September, 2013–Marla Spivak on the many reasons that bees are in trouble: […]

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Farewell to Pollinator Week

Pollinator Week ended in the United States yesterday, but let’s not forget about these essential critters. I could have called it “Plight of the Bumblebees“, but here are some that are doing well in our city […]

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The Week on Sunday #35

Welcome to this Week on Sunday! ♦ Today I will lead off with a preview of an amazing documentary – More Than Honey. It takes a look at the lives of bees and beekeepers in this era […]

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The UK Bee Walk

First, an introduction to British Bumblebees by Jamie-Lee Loughlin: The Bumblebee Conservation Trust in the UK is gearing-up for another Bee Walk, a citizen science project that surveys natural areas to determine the state of Bumblebee […]

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