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State of the Stack

At the end of last year, I began revising my focus stacking system to make it more portable and to be able to produce higher magnification work. At the same time, I decided it was […]

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Another look at D. triton

Earlier this month while I was in the Devonian Botanical Garden I intersected with an school field-trip class and Shelley Ryan-Hovind. They had captured a fishing spider and I had the opportunity to photograph it while it […]

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My Top 10 Macro Photographs in 2013

Here are my top photo choices for 2013. The selection is based somewhat on public response, but mostly just because they are my personal favorites. Like most years, these are wild Alberta bugs, photographed alive and kicking, without cooling […]

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What to do with a Long Horn Beetle?

Longhorns Beetles (Coleoptera, Family Cerambycidae) can be a bit of a challenge to photograph well, because the antennae are so long  that they are hard to include in the photo without all or part of […]

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Jumping Spider Habronattus cuspidatus revisited.

Reviewing earlier images, I came across this Habronattus cuspidatus photo, taken in Dinosaur Provincial Park last year. Perky, ain’t he, with the green legs and golden knees?  

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Video: Framing a Print for Gallery Display

My wife says she has never seen me work so fast… Some galleries require a plain, narrow black metal frame, with the photograph surrounded by at least a 3″ wide white mat. All the materials are acid-free, […]

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My daughter is soon to be launched on a musical tour of Spain, travelling with the Singing Strings Orchestra. I was clearing out the memory cards from her camera in preparation for the trip, when […]

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Here’s Looking at You

(Adapted from a previously published on Voyages  Around My Camera) An older photograph from 2004, shot on film with Olympus OM4 and Tamron 90mm Macro lens. A portait of the Poplar Borer, Saperda calcarata. This […]

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