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Chillin’ Spider

This laid-back fishing spider (Dolomedes triton), was resting on a floating birch branch at the pond edge at the Jan Janzen Nature Centre. I had to add a tele-extender to my macro lens to get it within […]

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Return of The Week on Sunday

Despite my best efforts to ignore what’s going on around me, and to make a vocation out of macro nature photography, I can no longer restrain myself on sharing the some of the fascinating and […]

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Early Spring Decreases Populations of Mormon Fritillary

A press release at the National Science Foundation indicates that climate change is affecting the population of Mormon Fritillaries, Speyeria mormonia. “Early snowmelt caused by climate change in the Colorado Rocky Mountains snowballs into two chains […]

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CoE #45 After-math

Well, I am awake early to sweep-up the debris. After having a stupendous amount of visitors passing through my blog home in the last two days, visits are finally slowing down enough that I can take a breath, […]

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New-ish Research: What Feeds on Fireflies?

In early to mid-June every year the Great Smokey Mountains in Tennessee are subject to a light display, as courting male Fireflies  (Photinus carolinus: Coleoptera: Lampyridae) flash in harmony to attract females. A study was arranged to determine what […]

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