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Book Review: The Complete Guide to Macro and Close-up Photography

Have you heard the phrase, “Write the book you want to read.“?  Well, when I first flipped through this book after I received my free copy in the mail,  my first thought was, Someone wrote […]

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Survey Results: more Cow Bells, less Argyle Socks

I always thought it strange that bloggers would survey their readers with the intent to mold their blog to satisfy outside opinions. Like one of my survey respondents said, “I tend to think of websites (incl. blogs) […]

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2013: Looking Back

2013 in rear-view:  ◊ Regarding macro bug photography, 2013 was a pivotal year for me. In the spring I received my first published magazine interview, began teaching my first macro photography workshops, held my first photo […]

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Book Review: Digital Macro & Close-up Photography by Ross Hoddinott

Matt Cole first brought this book to my attention, and with his recommendation, (and having borrowed the first edition from our local library a few years ago) I did not wait long to order a copy of […]

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Book Review – Digital Outdoor Photography by Heather Angel

Earlier this year I did a feature on Heather Angel, one of the photographers who had a strong influence on me when I first began doing nature and macro photography. At the time I had […]

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Contemplating Canon…

Since I began this bug  photography blog I have been super-impressed by the results of  the photographers that use the  Canon MP-E 65 mm 1-5X macro lens. Many well-respected macro photographers on the web are […]

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The Nikon R1 Close-up Speedlight Remote Kit

Note that this review is for R1 Wireless Close-Up Speedlight System that is triggered by the on-camera flash. If your model of Nikon camera does not have wireless flash ability, you will need the R1C1 Wireless Close-Up […]

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Macro Lens Review at Myrmecos

(First posted at Voyages Around My Camera Jan 19, 2009) Alex Wild at Myrmecos reviews the Canon MP-E 1 -5x Macro lens – his lens of choice for his extraordinary insect photographs: If you’ve paid […]

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