Entomology 101

(This page revised 26 March 2016)

This is the central page for sharing my learning in basic entomology. I will update links to the individual posts when each section is complete. (Scroll down to see Disclaimer)

Syllabus (Last revised 01/01/2011)

1. Entomology? What? Why? (revised 4/12/2010)

2. Who?

i. –  Prelude 
ii. – Aristotle to the end of the 17th century (revised 16/01/2012)
iii. – The 18th century to Darwin
iv. – Darwin and beyond

3. External Structure (Eidonomy)

i. Introduction and Integument
ii. The Head and Mouthparts
iii. Eyes and Antenna
iv. Thorax
v. Wings
vi. Wing Structure
vii. Legs
viii. Abdomen

4. Internal Structure
5. Systematics and Classification
6. Diversity: Phylum Arthropoda
7. Diversity: Class Hexapoda
Order Hemiptera

8. Collecting and Preserving
9. Identification
10. Raising
11. What Next?

Disclaimer: This documents my own learning of entomology. There is no professional entomologist looking over my shoulder, so follow at your own risk. The Ento. 101 posts are most appropriate for amateurs such as macro photographers or collectors to gain some basic knowledge about their subjects. Visit Proposition to Self: An Intro. to Ento.? for my justification, and Entomology 101 (Online) – The Syllabus for the proposed syllabus. All online sources will be linked to directly in the text. Books and other non-web sources will listed in footnotes.  I welcome contributions and corrections in the comments.

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