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Sunday Bugfest 3

Presenting another round of the Bugfest, collecting buggy news and views from a variety of sources…

♦ Dr. Michael L. May, “…main author of the modern revision of the standard identification manual “Dragonflies of North America,” editor of the International Journal of Odonatology, describer and namer of six species of damselfly and dragonfly, expert at insect energetics…” is turning his gaze to the mechanics of dragonfly sex. And in the New Yoik Times, no less!

♦ Therf haf gof fo ‘e a ‘etter way fo introduce entomology…

♦ Ooooh! Robo-bugs!!!

Biomimicry Robots Run Amok at Berkeley, Show How Insects Evolved to Fly.
(I think they mean, “…show how insects may have evolved to fly.”)

♦ Wired Magazine is not averse to doing the occasional buggy article, especially when they can headline it with zombie queens…

♦ The more we look, the more we find. An amazing diversity of species…all beneath our feet. NSF funded research shows just how diverse life in the soil can be.

♦ Which brings to mind the ending of the Life in the Undergrowth series…


♦ Great Singing Millipedes! Zoologists retrieve the work of a deceased entomologist to solve the mystery of the singing giant pillbug that has no ears.
Personally? I think it’s just a reversing signal…

Digital Photography Review is one of the better news and review sites on the web, and occasionally they feature photographers too. Erez Marom is a nature photographer based in Israel and he has four short but sweet articles on macro photography:

Ezra is regular contributor to Composition magazine. Visit his web page at www.erezmarom.com and view his deviantArt gallery. Truly excellent macro photography!

♦ With most of the latest crop of cameras now also capable of HD video, what kind of gear can help you take better advantage of this feature? Alex Wild at Compound Eye shows what can be done in: Thrifty Thursday: Army Ants Filmed on a Budget.

♦ Science and photography are not the only way to engage with the bug world. Philadelphia’s Academy of Natural Sciences, Americas’s oldest natural history museum (founded in 1812), is featuring a new display called, “Bugs…Outside the Box”. This new exhibit is claiming…”to examine all the intricacies of the insect world…without a microscope!” Just how do they do this? And why does it feature the artist Lorenzo Possenti? Turn the page for more…

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