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Lightroom and Blue Skies

I have decided to remove the mangled YouTube slide in the previous post, and redo the it as a blog-based slide show for this new post, with more details on what was taking place. Adobe Lightroom […]

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Blue Sky Blues

The most common way I approach a bug when doing macro photography is the ‘in-situ’ approach–I try to take the best shots possible, leaving the subject untouched, wherever it may be found. This not only […]

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An American Redeemed…

…almost redeemed, anyway. I have been looking back at last years’ photographs. I came across this image of  Habronattus americanus, that, instead of following due protocol, insisted on perching on the edge of my white […]

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White Backgrounds – Part II

(N.B. 12 Nov 2013. I now use this white box.) Due to overwhelming popular demand (thanks, Ted!) I have been discussing how I make bug images with white backgrounds without the need of tedious PhotoShop work. […]

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