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Formica ravida. Creighton, 1940

As I indicated earlier, I’ll be attacking a backlog of photographs this season, and here is the first updated gallery, from September 2011: Formica ravida Creighton, 1940 (as identified by James Trager at BugGuide). These ants were […]

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Pensive Pismire

This is from the same set of photographs that were part of the Hope Arising post that I shared last year. All the photos from that sequence are now online in the gallery.

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Rain Refresher (Correction)

(Correction, my mistake: not F. fossaceps but…) Formica ravida Creighton, 1940 Thanks to James Trager for the ID! See also: http://bugs.adrianthysse.com/2011/11/time-for-a-cuddle/ http://bugs.adrianthysse.com/2011/10/ants-in-high-places/ Photographed September 19, 2011 at Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park, County Warner, Alberta, Canada. Canon T2i […]

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The Week on Sunday 6

♦ I know that it is considered bad form for a foreign power to try to influence elections, but this Canadian advises Americans to put their money on Obama. This man is civilized! If you don’t […]

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New Book: THE LEAFCUTTER ANTS – Civilization by Instinct

Bert Hölldobler and Edward O. Wilson have produced another book together. From the publishers website: From the Pulitzer Prize-winning authors of The Ants comes this dynamic and visually spectacular portrait of Earth’s ultimate superorganism. The […]

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It Begins with Marauders

A much-battered package arrived in the mail many weeks ago, and inside, still undamaged, was the striking volume of a new book, Adventures Among Ants by Mark Moffett. I was delighted, because I have always […]

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A Worker of Wood

If you want to begin photographing ants, the carpenter ant is a good place to start.  Camponotus (this is most likely C. herculeanus, or perhaps the closely related C. modoc ) are large ants — […]

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No Bones About Them

A collection of interesting posts from my favorite bugsters: Catalogue of Organisms The Origin of Insect Wings Beetles In The Bush Habitat Partitionining in Tiger Beetles The Marvelous in nature Tay Meadows Tidbit – Winter crane […]

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